Friday, November 05, 2010

A sad Day in Football

Defending Champion Georgia Tech was dominating Virginia Tech.
The on 3rd down in field goal range Josh Nesbitt tried to squeeze a ball into coverage and broke his right arm trying to make the tackle ending his season.

I think he finishes his career at #3 on my all time favorite Georgia Tech QBs list:

1 Sean Jones
2. Joe Hamilton
3. Josh Nesbitt
4. Scott (never actually dressed but was manager on team that was told he was emergency 3rd string QB for a game my freshmen year after 5? other QBs were injured.
LAST Reggie Ball

It will be interesting to see how Johnson's offense works with another QB. Nesbitt was especially gifted at option for a QB even more so considering he was a spread offense QB in high school.

GT's 2nd string QB just looked awkward running ball last night.

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Wolfshead said...

Let me guess, you were a Yellowjacket