Monday, November 29, 2010

John Gruden is a Genius

During Monday Night Football as they were speculating about a team with worse record than 2008 Chargers winning NFC West Gruden said Commissioner should step in and change the rules if a 7-9 (or worse) team won the West.

Tampa goes 10-7 (4-0) against West shouldn't they go to playoffs instead of NFC West Winner.

Jaws thought one of the NFC West teams would get hot and get to 8-8 making issue moot.

I would not want my neighbors to know I think Jaws is right, 7 teams in NFC have 2 more wins than current NFC West leader, denying one the playoffs okay but 2 absurd.


SirFWALGMan said...

I disagree.

Anonymous said...

Do you mean John Gruden soon to be coach of the Miami Hurricanes.

God damn that sounds fantastic.

National Title #6 on the way baby.

Oh and for NFL, stick to the format, a team wins it's division it makes the playoffs.

Bayne_S said...

It is a bit of a shame that Randy Shannon had 3rd highest graduation rate during his tenure (trailing Army and Navy) and only 1 player arrest.

MLB and NFL should institute a rule that you have to be .500 to make playoffs. The NBA has to shrink playoff teams to 12 to put in such a rule.

BCS should also set a rule that automatic bids have a minimum win threshold