Monday, February 21, 2011


Growing up in south I should be a bigger fan of Nascar, but I outgrew my need to drive fast when I spun my Ford Escort on I-95 when a retread wrapped around one of my front tires.

Only race I've watched in last 20 years prior to yesterday was the last few laps of Dale Earnhardt's career 10 years ago. There was just nothing spectacular about the crash to indicate that he had died when it happened until you realize the idea of the car body flying all over the place is to absorb the momentum and peel away for the drivers safety.

Watching Trevor Bayne win made for a funny day watching the sports crawler during day whenever they announced Daytona results.


DrChako said...

I had the same thought. Wait, what? Bayne wins?


lightning36 said...

I figured that if Bayne was going to win a race the race would be in Omaha, Nebraska.

BamBam said...

Getting The Wood Bros. back in victory lane, SHOULD have been the bigger part of the story. When the kid wins his second championship, we should prolly pay more attention.