Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Single Parenting

My wife went on a trip to LA returning during Super Bowl leaving me as a single parent (of sorts) for week. Other than an occasional rushed trip to school because someone missed the bus it really didn't seem that difficult.

I did have to prepare dish we brought along to Chako's Super Bowl gathering which featured a few genuine Cheeseheads and a Favre fan front running his way back into fold. Demon Child decided to wear her 49ers jersey to game which seemed strange to me but I decided to throw my Bucs jersey on as well to deflect any teasing. The wife and Demon are not the biggest sports fans in the world but daughter does like playing with puppy and wife got a restful nap during 2nd half. Decent game, it is nice that Super Bowls are not blowouts anymore (although I can speak from experience blowouts are better when you are a fan of team in lead).

I am not ashamed to admit I laughed out loud when this ad played:

Demon did not find ad nearly as funny but others in room may have appreciated.

I did ask daughter if she was going to issue a favorable report on Demon Daddy week. Her response was "Don't get your hopes up". Wife has noticed that although she has been back 3 days she has received no negative reports of the time so may not be so worried about how we will get along next trip.

Hopefully some day I will play poker again and have something worth writing about.

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