Monday, February 28, 2011

March 1 Weight

Warning there is a picture of feet again!

But not until bottom.

Goal for the year of 52 pounds still seems achievable but have finally figured out what "on pace" would mean.

A calorie deficit of 134750 works out to 449/day.

I found a chart that helps me examine impact of weight loss on calorie burn:

Activity (1-hour duration)Weight of person and calories burned
160 pounds (73 kilograms)200 pounds (91 kilograms)240 pounds (109 kilograms)
Walking, 3.5 mph 277 346 414

Thank god the chart seems linear so I will assume currently at 260 pounds I will burn 448 calories/hour and at 220 pounds I will 380 calories/hour. But for analysis purposes 410/hour should work as it would be burn over average weight if I reach goal.

Over the last 2 months (other than 2 weeks with calf injury) I walked 12 miles week to achieve calorie deficit of 5250/week so the walking portion of my week will drop from 1627 to 1435. Rest of activity should also consume 8% fewer calories at average weight which would still only be a shade over 400 calories/week hit on deficit.

I am comfortably on pace but long way to go.

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Josie said...

Nice going. I think I'm getting used to your feet now. :)