Monday, February 14, 2011

Running Props

By now most of us have read:

about the running 70 miles in 24 hours prop bet.

After January 2007 when I watch 4 poker players wagering who would duck last on tail section of rivercat passing under bridges it is easy for me to believe anything is possible when too much money and testosterone is involved.

Grange has opted to shred Haseeb for his role in jeopardizing Ashton's health. I have to admit my 1st reaction to part 1 was to find one of my co-workers to ask him if he could run 70 miles in 24 hours. His answer was "I ran 112 a few years ago". Dude is currently training for the "Deathride" but he is planning to do this on a tandem bike with his 9 year old son.

I have no idea what drives my co-worker to push himself but he does it with no wagers involved.

Ashton and Haseeb are in a community where no one gets out of a bet for free so once the wager is made they do find themselves stuck seeing it through. I think Haseeb wrote his post because he is evaluating the moral implications of what transpired. It will be interesting to see what happens next for Ashton and Haseeb.


Josie said...

What's more interesting is that Haseeb was lamenting the position he was in, how he looked in Ashton's mother's eyes and the fact that he couldn't get out of this. Yet Ashton texted him with a way out at mile 60 and he wouldn't take it. Proves it WAS all about the money, or as poker players like to say, he was "priced in". I was feeling Haseeb until he turned down the deal. IMHO being priced in does not turn a losing hand/bet into a winning one. He could've saved himself 85K and face had he taken the deal. Instead he chose to hope his friend would get hurt.

Now as you may know, I like prop bets myself and will bet on just about anything and have in fact bet on the color of a person's undies in the past. (AND I WON) I get the need for prop bets. Poker players do the same damn thing over and over again and prop bets cut the monotony. But still....Haseeb should've taken the deal. He understood the enormity of the situation at that point.

DrChako said...

Nonsense. As I said in my post, how else can you know your limits if you don't push yourself? I'd like to ask Ashton if he would have kept running if Haseeb took the out. I bet he would have.


Josie said...

Dr.C....NO. Ashton doesn't offer a deal after running 60 miles and then keeps going just for the fuck of it. For 300K, yes....or more importantly not losing 900K.

Bayne_S said...

My co-worker who pushes himself almost died trying to climb Mt McKinley. The next year he went back and succeeded.

I am certain Ashton's parents would have stopped him from running once buyout was agreed to but if parents are not present does he run 10 more miles to satisfy Ashton curiosity?