Saturday, January 02, 2010

Demon Tale

My wife finally drove after 18 month hiatus. Unfortunately to be honest everything that was in the car on the day of seizure was still in car as I did not drive her car very often including a few sunflower seeds that seemed to attract a mouse. Our only real evidence of the mouse was some really shredded up paper that looked like a small nest.

Today my wife and the demon daughter cleaned up the car together. During the course of cleanup daughter found her 'black plague' project which conveniently included a mouse finger puppet.

Evil daughter hid the puppet for a little while and slipped in pocket and waited for the right opportunity. As wife drove to car clean up area to use the vacuum the demon child slipped puppet on her finger and snuck it onto wife's shoulder as she parked.

Screams (from wife) and laughter (from demon child) ensued.

Is it wrong that I feel some pride?


Mondogarage said...

All puppets aside, congratulations to you and your wife for her getting back to this point. May all continue swimmingly this year.

Fuel55 said...