Sunday, January 10, 2010

Your Welcome

In honor of waffles I used wrong 'your' in the title intentionally.

I read Hoy for his picks, I get 10 emails a week from Wayne Root and his ilk. I have never paid for picks, until Friday. Now that we are down to just 4 games I don't get to select which games to put in a 4 card parlay. Felt good about Dallas, but the other two rematches featured a team that made no effort in week 17.

Then I remembered:
'Man's got to know his limitations'

MiamiDon had told me long ago that a good handicapper hits 70% but what you want is the perfect cooler. We in the blogger community have one and we should appreciate his 'skillz'.


lightning36 said...

El perfecto!

Riggstad said...