Sunday, January 24, 2010

Saturday Night Rush

Decided Saturday Night 'Rush Poker' would be a good idea.

Lesson from graph above is to get your money in bad.
Hand 1 I got it in with top set against 2 flush draws (neither nut flush draws) and one of them went runner runner straight.

Hand 2 I got it in with Top pair, nut flush draw and went runner runner straight against middle set.

Lesson 1 from Saturday is get it in bad.
Lesson 2 is it is trivial to get in 700 hands.

Somehow I find it fitting that Brett Favre threw an interception in Conference Championship game as both a Packer and Viking on throws that could most kindly be labeled 'reckless'.

Vikings and Saints both have fine (long suffering) fan bases, but after scenes from Katrina it is hard to not to be happy for New Orleans.


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