Monday, August 27, 2007

Bankroll Arc (part deux)

Julius_Goat has a wonderful post describing my poker play for the last week.

Friday at lunch I put in another $1k withdrawal request from my FullTilt account. I knew I was in the midst of a pattern that has now been repeated a few times. I have to wonder why I can't stop it.

The pattern is:
Big MTT score.
Play at higher limits with success.
Crash and burn in spectacular fashion.

Friday night was the crash and burn part of the arc. At some point Friday night my FullTilt online balance sat a little over $4800. $1500 of that was sitting on a $10/$20 PL Omaha table.

I had a hand where after turn I was holding nut straight, draw to a higher straight and a draw to nut flush. When my opponent raised all in I had to call. He had the 2nd straight, 2 pair and a draw to a higher straight but if he hits he still has 2nd straight to my nut straight. Unfortunately he hit the FullHouse to take down pot.

I reloaded at a short buyin and stacked myself bluffing nut flush on turn (I had bare Ace) into a calling station that called me with QQ for an overpair. I had a pair and OESD as well but none of my 17 outs came in. I rebought thinking after watching these 2 geniuses I have to be able to get my money back.

I watched Mr. QQ give away money he won from me + 2 more full buy-ins ($2000) calling off his chips with overpairs against a straight, a boat and a flush. Decided he did not have a read on me he was just a calling station.

3rd stacking of the night occurred after I had built up to $1800 again and had nut straight, top set and straight flush draw, 2nd set and nut flush draw jammed me on the turn and hit a flush out on river that did not give me straight flush.

Three days later I know I have to make 2 of those plays every time and the bluff should have worked given I was only up against a QQ overpair.

FullTilt Balance now sits at $.03 + a tier 1 token.

Final stacking that sent me to $.03 was flopping nut straight and bottom set against top 2 pair. The doom switch being set on me was clearly part of problem but blowing through my stop loss limit Friday night because "I was playing better than these morons" is bigger problem.

Because I was prudent enough to request checks to protect me from me my net over the last 2 weeks on FullTilt is even.

I am expecting to be + an FTOPS jacket and will have a bigger than normal rakeback credit next month.

It just doesn't feel like I am even for last 2 weeks this morning.


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Bayne, you lost $4800 in one weekend on full tilt? Dam man, do you think you're me or something?

That royally sucks, and those recockufuckings at PLO sound utterly atrocious man. PLO as I know you know can be an insufferably horrible game when it comes to suckouts. The odds and combinations with four hole cards just mean that there are plenty of situations where two hands are going to get it all in with a lot of outs to whoever is behind.

Good luck in your quest to build that roll back up. Or, you could give your tier 1 token to KOD and let him win you a nice roll back in the 28k any night you want.

bayne_s said...


Managed to lose $3100 of the $4800 in ~ 30 minutes. Since I felt I was putting money in good rather than playing badly I was not smart enough to shut down immediately for night I dropped down in levels and managed to lose another $800 in similar manner.

Don't understand why someone really wants to chase a flush to river in capped game 2:1 on money, 4:1 to hit but to quote KOD "Euro math is different"

Anonymous said...

"Euro math is different." That is brilliant.

Omadraw is an evil game. Research some of the "pros" blogs and see where Benyamine, Townsend, Matusow, etc are going broke. Yup Omadraw.

Paul said...

I am one of those Euros (though I only play low limit O8) and I keep getting beat on by calling stations with about 3 outs (including a specatular one outer straight flush for a pot worth 5 buy ins). But they're all American :) Maybe FTP is trying to start a poker war...

Regarding Townsend, it's not as if he's winning anything playing Hold 'Em either.. if anything it's PLO that's keeping him afloat.