Thursday, August 09, 2007

A day of scuffling

Spent the day at work trying to debug what should be a simple problem running at very low frequency. managed to plow out the RS-232 port on computer I was using to test the board and by the end of day was at same point I started day except I knew 3 things that were not wrong with board.
Poker play was not much better than work day for me. In the Mookie only thing that worked for me was a hand where tripJax raised my BB from CO. My intent was to fold my 54o but my allergies are acting up and during my coughing fit I called instead of folding and sucked out against his under pair. Entered a couple of FTOPS satellites and finished both 2 off bubble. Last night for me if you held 2 clubs you were beating me as Ac8c > QQ and KcJc > AA when both hit flushes. I did make enough playing Omaha and Hold'em cash that bankroll is ~$20 higher than when day began.
I did manage to rail LJ yesterday as she demonstrated MTTs are not -EV for everyone.


TripJax said...

I don't remember that hand. What, did you cough your way all the way to showdown?!


Hey...the picture at the bottom of the post...what site is that???

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Great minds think alike, Bayne. This morning, I went to that site (tripjax, in case you come back, it's, did a screen shot and emailed Lana the pic so she can post it on her blog... you know what with the "I want my blog to look prettier" thing.

lj said...

yay, a post from bayne! that 54o hand was hilarious. it was a four-flush, no?

thanks for shout out. gonna try to keep it that way. : )