Friday, August 24, 2007

Bankroll Managment

Have been running well at Omaha recently so I decided to "test" myself against Mr. Matusow.
I did buy in for $800 rather than the $2000 max. Soon after I sat down Jennifer Harmon sat down as well. By no one's standard was this prudent bankroll managment but I carefully picked my spots. Snapped off one small Matusow bluff and managed to exit the table up $1100.

MiamiDon is still #1 at NLHE money won from according to PokerTracker but overall he is #5 when I roll in the Omaha stats as well.

Did also see the Surly Gnome at the Omaha tables last night but had clicked sit out next hand UTG and headed to bed.


Fuel55 said...

Matusow is a fish in the smaller online games. He cant stop bluffin.

Schaubs said...


Nice work dude.

Sucked in Mouth.

pwned by Lucko, now you!

smokkee said...

good times.

Gnome said...

Good to see you at the PLO tables. Hope to catch you again there soon.