Thursday, August 23, 2007

Good Stats

Played some lunchtime Omaha again today. Haven't played a lot of 6 max so I restricted myself to 3 orbits. 3 of my showdown wins came against AA!
1st I was the donkey calling an all in preflop with a questionable Q998 but I flopped a boat that held up.
2nd I called a pot raise preflop and caught top set. Same dude whose AA I cracked previous hand was still a little tilty and doubled me up.
3rd time dude did not overplay his Aces so won a small pot.
The wife and the daughter spent the night at a Super 8 in Las Vegas last night. They arrived a little after one a.m. and got to see some of the cheaper hookers. The wife still seemed a little rattled when I talked to her this morning. Their flight arrives in San Jose imminently.
On ride from airport to apartment Maggie was complaining about not being able to sleep from all the "banging in the rooms next door". Little did she realize how accurate a description that was.

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