Tuesday, August 14, 2007

FTOPS #8 Cash

At 5:50 I sent this message to KOD :

Bayne Steele: want to swap 10%?
Chad Carpenter: how about 10% after $200, so if one wins $400 we get free rolls, 10% after that
Bayne Steele: okay
Chad Carpenter: cool
Did not expect it to be -EV!

This was hand that crippled me:

Full Tilt Poker Game #3258479637: FTOPS Event #8 (22618608), Table 40 - 20000/40000 - Limit Omaha H/L - 5:13:47 ET - 2007/08/15
BBruin88 (Observer): DITKA SUCKS
Seat 3: muckmehard (259,029)
Seat 4: Ditka89 (429,388)
Seat 5: SDLARRY (296,756)
Seat 6: fortax (172,190)
Seat 7: bayne_s (173,186)
Seat 8: cashnotax (100,747)
Ditka89 posts the small blind of 10,000
SDLARRY posts the big blind of 20,000
The button is in seat #3
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to bayne_s [7c 8h 2s Ac]
fortax folds
bayne_s raises to 40,000
cashnotax folds
muckmehard folds
Ditka89 folds
SDLARRY calls 20,000
*** FLOP *** [Kc 7h 2c]
SDLARRY checks
bayne_s bets 20,000
SDLARRY raises to 40,000
bayne_s raises to 60,000
SDLARRY calls 20,000
*** TURN *** [Kc 7h 2c] [9h]
SDLARRY checks
bayne_s bets 40,000
SDLARRY calls 40,000
*** RIVER *** [Kc 7h 2c 9h] [Kh]
SDLARRY checks
bayne_s checks
*** SHOW DOWN ***
bayne_s shows [7c 8h 2s Ac] two pair, Kings and Sevens, for high
SDLARRY shows [6s Ah Ks Ad] three of a kind, Kings, for high
SDLARRY wins the pot (290,000) with three of a kind, Kings
Briko9 (Observer): your mom
No low hand qualified
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 290,000 Rake 0
Board: [Kc 7h 2c 9h Kh]
Seat 3: muckmehard (button) didn't bet (folded)
Seat 4: Ditka89 (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 5: SDLARRY (big blind) showed [6s Ah Ks Ad] and won (290,000) with HI: three of a kind, Kings
Seat 6: fortax didn't bet (folded)
Seat 7: bayne_s showed [7c 8h 2s Ac] and lost with HI: two pair, Kings and Sevens
Seat 8: cashnotax didn't bet (folded)

Would have jumped to 3rd instead crippled by river King we were down to 11 when this happened and I waited for other shorty to die for $1500

Edit: Don't know why pictures can't be opened bigger cash was for $3433.60

So tired, big thanks to LJ and Hoy for Railing in middle and KOD railing late!


Anonymous said...

very nice. i only caught the end of it but glad to see you out lasted the other guy to final table it. again, very nice.

Kat said...


brdweb said...

Congrats my man!

lj said...

yay bayne!!!! awesome job!

jjok said...

congrats man!

mookie99 said...

Very nice! Congrats!

cmitch said...

Very nice!!!! Awesome job!!

KajaPoker said...

nice score bayne!

(your images don't open up so it's kind of hard to see the small versions in the posts)

Schaubs said...

Nice cash, see I knew you would find something to do with your time...

Great job.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you omahadraw donkey.

Congrats on the deep run.

RaisingCayne said...


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

So it's not just the BBT that you play well in... :)


Julius_Goat said...

Boom, baby.

We're all proud of you.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Very, very well done man. You were dominant.

smokkee said...

'bout time you cash in a "real" tourney. nice job.

HighOnPoker said...

BAYNE!!! Great job.

Mondogarage said...

Nice score! Congrats, and hopefully there's more where that came from.

Drizztdj said...

Very well done sir!

Matt Silverthorn said...

Nice finish! Standard FTP river BS.

Wippy1313 said...

Congratulations...nicely done.

pokertart said...

Nice score!

I finished around 490....bah.

Anonymous said...


What did you cash for? That screen you posted is too small to make anything out :/ Just curious.

Island Bum said...

Nice job, congrats on snagging some green.

Irongirl01 said...

Congrats Bayne. Saw the pimpage on LJ's blog

Ryan said...

congrats man, nice score.

Pokerwolf said...

Rock on, Bayne! Well played!

CarmenSinCity said...

Bayne - I wanted to send you an e-mail to answer your relationship question, but I couldn't find your e-mail address. So, I answered it in my comments if you are interested.