Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Craps System (Casino Royale Version)

Now that MiamiDon has led me to the evidence of what a losing proposition playing MTTs are for everyone but KOD I decided to publish my insights to winning at craps. Key of course to system is being at table when a shooter rolls for 30 minutes to 2 1/3 hours.

The Casino Royale in Las Vegas claims to have the last 100x odds craps table in the world. This is my system for chasing a big score.

1) Bet $3 on Pass line.
2) Study shooter. Shaking dice before release is bad. What you want to see in a shooter is dice lined up and grasped between thumb and index or middle finger or dice stacked and grasped by thumb and middle finger with index finger on top. On toss you want to see dice land in opposite come betting area and hit far wall on single bounce. Dice bouncing straight back from wall is preferred.
3) If grip and toss meet criteria apply full betting system.
The Betting System
1) If point is 6 or 8 bet $52 across, otherwise bet $54 across.
2) If point is 6 or 8 back up pass line bet with $25 otherwise back at $20.
3) Place a $3 come bet.
4) Each time a number other than point is hit convert place bets to odds backing up the come bets, initial levels are $25 for 6 or 8, $20 for 4,5,9,10.
5) Bet the Come every roll
6) Keep track of money flowing back in from come bets collected, once $80 has been collected increase come bet odds by $20 on the outside numbers or $25 on 6 or 8 until the $300 maximum odds is reached.
7) In theory once the $300 maximum is reached increase come bet to $5, at this point increasing come bet odds by $100 when collected is in order.
8) At this point $1 chips are not that useful and you will need room in your rack, divide up to $20 in white chips by 4 and bet the hard ways for the crew


Anonymous said...

Casino Royale, that place is like having a casino in a double wide trailer ;-)

By the way, all Horseshoe's casinos still offer 100x odds on craps.

AlCantHang said...

100x's odds at Casino Royale is like playing donkey NLHE. Get you self a good roller and good number, but all the chips behind and pray.

I have yet to walk out down from their craps tables.

But I also got rolled by a hooker there so I guess it's a push.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

I thought O'Sheas next to Flamingo had 100x odds too. Maybe not.

I also have a theory on craps... it's called OPAK. stands for Old People Are Key. I swear. Gray haired 60+ yr old rolling? I'm there, ready for a 2hr roll!

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Always take the max odds, that's the key to any successful craps strategy.