Sunday, March 22, 2009

Brit Blogger Retardness

Last weekend I played Brit Blogger Game Heads Up, lost and chatted with Pvan later and she shared her bad beat from Brit Blogger Game. I was not HU with Pvan.
Her solution to prevent this was to search on where she was registered.
Thanks Pvan.
Real question for Al is Why the Fuck are there two tournaments with the same name running at the same fucking time?


lj said...

LOL. you're welcome. at least i didn't bust the tournament before someone who was sitting out.

AlCantHang said...

Why the fuck, as you so eloquently put it, is because the turbo game was the original Brit Blogger game. It was changed to the new regular structure for the BBT and the old tournaments were never removed by FTP.

I didn't know until this week, so it will be fixed.

Bayne_S said...


I have never been called eloquent before!

lj said...

lol i just remembered. when i signed in i was sooo excited to see it was a turbo. i figured at least it would end quicker.