Monday, March 16, 2009

Milestone Post

500th Post

Really the least significant of the milestones, especially when something like this or this would count as a post.

Today also marks 10 years in California.

For those considering move to California check out local tax laws. When I moved from Maryland I learned that California taxes income earned in the state, Maryland taxes income earned as resident. When I departed I left in middle of pay period and told accounting I did not need paycheck last day just process on normal period. By chance I gave them new California address before they processed as well. The no Maryland 8% with holding that last paycheck was a sweet bonus, especially on the 7 weeks accumulated vacation. Things may have changed or I may have done it wrong but I did file this way 9 years ago now.

Tomorrow marks 25 years since college Graduation.

I ran out of money so had to graduate after winter quarter. I always had so much fun spring quarter that I hung around extra quarter anyways, working selling beer for Braves and without tuition college is cheap.

Today Marks 2 weeks of "Unpaid Temporary Leave"

Market rally combined with real customer interest in product may mean it truly is temporary, CEO is still in talks to sell.

Enjoyed Championship week and am looking forward to NCAA tourney


lj said...


ScottN said...

Heh! You mean you had no classes that last qtr? OMG! I just thought you were coasting! LOL!

All 3 milestones are cool! Leave CA before it falls off!



BamBam said...

^-- is hoping the "temporary" really is just that for you.