Wednesday, March 04, 2009


I final tabled the Stud H/L Skills game. Got dealt a lot of hands like 69Q and have very little experience playing stud variants. tried to approach starting hands like O8 but always felt I was a card short of a good starting hand. I seemed to survive taking a stand at the right time for a few fortuitous doubles to roach to 5th.

In 1st day as "poker pro" had one other small tourney cash in Stars PLO8 turbo with a 27th (27 paid), I was 10th in chips going into my final hand but my AA25 was no good against slightly bigger stacks KK56. I <3 PokerStars.

Working at start-ups is a lot like playing tournament poker. You aren't going to cash at most of them, some of the beats are going to be bad but occaisonally you will run well and get a decent cash.

I have worked at 4 start-ups now, 3 of them created a product that worked and resulted in an IPO and 2 going under. The 4th company had a product that never quite worked but had good market timing and left me bankrolled to continue in start-up game.

Friend sent me a pointer to, it scrapes jobs off of other job sites to one central location. Others in job search process should give a look and see what you think.


Matt said...

In 10 months of job searching, I found the best three job sites, in order of effectiveness, were: craigslist, Monster, Indeed. Craigslist was by far the best; it had the most unique job postings and employers love it because it's free. Indeed is great but it pulls a lot from Monster, and a fair portion of the job postings are expired or duplicates.

smokkee said...

best of luck in your job hunt.

lj said...

:) "poker pro"

Instant Tragedy said...

Continued success my friend!