Thursday, March 19, 2009

Temporary Unpaid Leave Ends

I was running well in Mookie, had built up a decent stack. Stupid gmail popped up:


Unfortunately, we were unsuccessful in getting (Public Company #1) or (Public Company #2) to move forward with a bid.

I would like to invite everyone to (my start-up) for one last meeting at 10am pdt Thurs. I know this is last minute, but I hope you can all attend. I have some important information about potential employers, so I would like a chance to share that with you. We will set up the conference bridge -- please use the ID: xxxxxxxx.

As much as I hate to ask this, I need to have you bring in your laptops, blackberries, and building access cards.

I'm sorry that I don't have better news. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Result was not completely unexpected but it was a distraction. I let Smokkee's AQ run down my 99 on turn and game fell apart soon after.

Congrats Smokkee on win.

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BamBam said...

That bites HUGE! Really sorry to hear it.