Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Good Fences make Good Neighbors

Unfortunately apartments only have exterior fence and safety fence around the pool area.

We have neighbor who claims to have Arizona house, a beach house in Huntington beach and a manor in England. If true she is quite bitter about living in an apartment now or is just by her nature unpleasant.

Yesterday while I was playing PLO8 min FTOPs my wife was using common area office and computer when neighbor entered to use 2nd computer along with her young son. The boy decided to turn the fan off and my wife asked if he could turn it back on as she was a little warm.

I am sure she asked pleasantly but does occaisonally have a whiny tone in her voice. The bitter mom reacted and said "you don't own this place, we want fan off", "never speak to my son like that again you are beneath us" and "your daughter is a little monster take care of her before speaking to someone else's child" and really got in wife's space. Apartment assistant manager had overheard confrontation and did pull wife aside and made sure she was okay and asked her to write a letter of complaint and coached her on points to highlight to send to apartment manager. Wife was still trembling and very visibly upset when she got to apartment.

Important note:
Bayne <----- oblivious engineer who rarely notices emotions.

I did put down computer and grabbed my shoes to confront this woman but wife insisted I do nothing.

I soon tilted out of mini-FTOPS and went to common area since I knew my wife had headed back there to print letter. On my way I did pass a little boy and a short woman but having never met the woman did not say anything. When I got to common area assitant manager spotted me first and alerted wife I had arrived. Wife told me she had just left so I asked if it was that "troll of a woman in gray top". They confirmed identity, wife told me again she was okay and requested again I do nothing so I came back to apartment. Wfie was relieved when she returned to find me in apartment.

Wife was supposed to have a metting with the apartment manager's boss (manager is in Hawaii) to talk about incident. Boss man had also left message for troll, identified himself and left number but had not mentioned exact purpose of call. Troll got pissed that he had called her phone went to office and was yelling. What we heard 2nd hand was "I pay rent you work for me", "never call me again" and "learn your place".

My wife's meeting was deemed no longer required everything said in letter was credible.

Troll was already planning to move out in June, there will be a party for residents when it happens as she has pissed off many of the other neighbors as well.

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