Saturday, May 09, 2009

I heart mini FTOPS

Had this brief conversation at 3rd break (apologies for unauthorised quote):

me: I made another break
would be nice if I had chips
lj: shoooooooove
I had ~ 8 BBs
3 hours later I lost a blind vs. blind flip with 66 vs AK when we were both top 20 stacks.
Leen Machine took 4th for $11k, I exited 44th.
I had KK hold up 4 times in tourney including one spot where I had to fade 13 river outs and had 2 big blind v blind suckouts to make the money, thought it was my day. If my pp had been any bigger pp other than KK I would have won flip.
I do like getting to have almost the excitement of big FTOPS at 1/10 the dent in bankroll


KenP said...


Good Guys = Good Guys + 1



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Jeremy said...

Nice job. Congrats.