Thursday, May 14, 2009

RIP Dragon Slayer

Good Game demon child.

Each Survivor season daughter chooses her pick to root for leaving me to select one of the others. DC chose Taj and I quickly narrowed field to JT or coach. Despite my southern roots I felt compelled to pick Coach due to the huge potential to tilt daughter.

Most of the show I would whisper 'dragon slayer" just to trigger an outburst, I have never tilted anyone (yes I mean anyone!) at a poker table to the extent I tilted daughter. Wife was at a neighbor's during 1st scream and rushed home to see if we were under attack.

When Stephen betrayed the Dragon Slayer a 5 minute gloat followed.

It is just sad our game ended one episode sooner than it had to.


lightning36 said...

Clearly one of the most entertaining Survivor players of all time. I can't wait to hear his question and comments at the final tribal council.

btw -- Word Verification: conme

lj said...

coach was so tilting last episode.

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