Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Wisdom

Demon Child had her wisdom teeth removed today by Dr. Beech.

You show up in waiting room 30 minutes early, get the intial drugs to sedate in waiting room and hang out with the parents of the child currently undergoing removal. When done they have parents pull car to door near side exit "so it is a shorter walk" but I have to believe secondary reason is so no one waiting for procedure sees patient who has swollen cheeks upon exit.

He seems to be a minimalist when it comes to anesthesia as kid was alert and at her normal levels of ornery without being in any pain for 1st 7 hours (and counting) after removal. She is napping a lot today as she did not get that much sleep last night and is stuck drinking her calories today.

Overall I am quite pleased with Dr. Beech and would recommend.

In $5k PLO I exited flopping top set and 2nd flush draw. Got all in on flop but you can't make a flush draw fold and it got there.

Twodimes Math says:
pokenum -o ad 2d 2c 3c - kd td qh th -- tc 9d 7d
Omaha Hi: 820 enumerated boards containing Tc 9d 7d
cards win %win lose %lose tie %tie EV
3c 2c Ad 2d 219 26.71 601 73.29 0 0.00 0.267
Kd Td Qh Th 601 73.29 219 26.71 0 0.00 0.733

EuroMath says "I have nut flush draw"
I do wonder if he also goes to felt on a club flush draw?

Most retarded part of the hand is A223 was UTG in PLO (high only) and limped than called BB pot raise.

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Drizztdj said...

Someone was shooting for the nut low. Seeing plays like this solidify my switch to Omaha four years ago was a good one.

I wants to huggle them.