Friday, May 01, 2009

Chivalry Not Well Received

Saw a story on the Today Show this morning about an 11 foot alligator taking up residence on a Tampa woman's front porch. Demon child was not amused when I said "ladies 1st" as we got to front door to go to school. Wife's reaction was "you wouldn't do that to my baby". DC was also not amused when I held garage door for her. Kid was smiling but was looking forward to me having to go home and "take my punishment like a man".

Last night I was looking at chess position below:

I thought I was looking for a way to pull out a draw because my expectation was that opponent has to play Rd5.

Happily I found a response that leads to victory.

Today's Chess Quiz question is what is move I found???


Mike Maloney said...

I'm going with moving your pawn to g4 (Sorry, my chess lingo sucks). Keeps his king in check, and ultimately (I think) you can move your queen into position and get him into mate.

Bayne_S said...

h4 is the pawn that delivers immediate check

Riggstad said...

You're white?

Riggstad said...

I can't see how if he moves to Rd5 you get away without an exchange of rooks.

You take, he takes, and you move Q to E7. Very tough for me to look at this stagnate board.

Plus I still suck at chess. Still only have a rating of 1500. Is there a way you did this by preserving your R?

Escape to c7 is the only way I could see, and there's no way he exchanges Q for R there.

Mike Maloney said...

Sorry, I meant moving your pawn to f4. I'm a tard.