Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Mechanics of a Seat Sale

1.) Agree to deal terms.
2.) Person taking money sits out.
3.) Person taking seat raises to steal blinds until person taking money is all in with either blind.
4.) Win seat or go to step 2

That is all.


smokkee said...

there's a quicker way to do this. have the guy who made the deal for seat raise it up to all but 1 chip and ask opponent to fold. then he can ship in the 1 chip(s) next couple hands.

ferocious kitty said...


While that is much quicker it does leave open the possibility of trickery and deception when dealing with random and unfamiliar opponents

Bayne_S said...


That is advanced approach and obviously quicker.

People experienced with reaching heads up can utilize but I don't think shipfaced and sellthekids were ready for such an advanced concept last night.

Schaubs said...

There was a seat sale?

WTF is that allowed in the BBT?


sellthekids said...

umm, anyway you can Back To The Future this post and let me read it on Wednesday?


but, lesson learned!

Bayne_S said...


take a look at chat log last night from moments before you started pushing

cmitch said...

ummm....Wow!! Wow!! Not sure what else to say.

smokkee said...

the way i've seen it done in the past, is one player xfers half the pmt up front in good faith then xfers the rest after the chips are dumped.

sellthekids said...


yeah your comments make perfect sense now:
bayne_s (Observer): ship just hits sit out
bayne_s (Observer): sell transfers after win
unfortunately for my dumb arse, i too worried about the time elapsing to pay attention to observer chat.

i do appreciate your help; wish i had been thinking and actually understood why i would need to be the winner.

it didn't occur to me that Al wouldn't be able to just transfer the seat...but after the heat of the moment, i completely understand why FTP would never allow that. actually, i think it is great that they don't. security FTW.

it's unfortunate for me (but not for other seat winners!) but i bet i don't make that mistake again!

thanks for trying to keep me from doing something dumb! appreciate your help!