Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Happy CInco de Mayo

This was move I really liked as response. His rook can't move, I just have to make sure if he plays Qxc5 that I can find a way to move queen with check so I can capture queen.
Living in Northern Mexico (until US stole to get the gold) the Cinco de Mayo celebrations are big. I could trolley to downtown and join the celebration but Today Show just did a story where Margarita's have 900 calories. Not sure I want to spend 7 hours in gym to work off a buzz.
Besides skillz is PLO tonight.


Riggstad said...

I considered that move briefly but it forces an exchange of queens.

let's say he does take R w/ Q. You take with pawn, he takes your Q with R

So let's say he goes Qe6 and you take his rook which puts him in check.

He takes your rook with pawn (E4 to D5) and you go Qf4 putting him in check.

K can only move to H6 to escape out of check, but if he does that you take his Q. SO he takes with Q. and you take his Q with pawn.

It's difficult for me to see an end without draw. Again, I suck though, and I'm sure I'm missing something.

lj said...

you get buzzed from one margarita? really?

jamyhawk said...

Happy Cindo de Mayo to you:

5/6/09 MOOKIE FROG DAY!!!!!


Bayne_S said...

How do you spend 7 hours in a gym and only burn 900 calories?

I might do that in a tanning bed.