Thursday, January 08, 2009


Last year in losing $11 prop bet to Recess I also lost ~$1000 off bankroll.

This year I won $26 from Recess, lost $35 playing SuperTurbos but now have weekly rakeback payments and a sick $250+ rakeback payment.

If not for stupid prop bet I would have quit playing during Tuesday Night downslide which certainly had some gross beats as contributers but probably has some bad plays. The K7s > KK (I called) and T9o >TT (he called) to bubble were certainly the most painful as they were on bubble against equivalent stack.

Superturbo play this week led me to a few conclusions:

1) Color Code who calls jams with any Ace or any 2 face.
2) Color code those who raise ATC from CO, button, SB.
3) Never fold AQ+ or TT+
4) I have been stunned by how often after I jam AK UTG I find an AT caller calling even from UTG+1.
5) I have also been stunned by sone of the folds I have seen near the bubble. I think most egregious was a fold for 65 chips behind as the shorty in the BB with 60/120 blinds, when other 3 stacks were in 700-900 range.

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Alan aka RecessRampage said...

you don't color code the idiots that limp/fold to raise pre in stts?