Saturday, January 17, 2009


I have spent last 2 days running like a god playing PLO cash.

3 Flopped quads, including once against flopped Aces over boat and another against AA that turned flush. But the main thing is those pesky set vs. wrap coinflips on flop have gone my way from either side. I believe I am still playing rationaly as I have just laughed when I folded overpairs to board on flop and turned sets.

Over last 600 hands I am +50 BB/100. Know it can't last but will enjoy while it does.

Decided to cash out a little and take the family out. Dinner tonight will be Brazilian. It is a rare treat for me as it is lots of BEEF on sticks. w00t.

Light over shower went out and when I went to change I noticed fixture was painted closed. I mentioned to wife I would need to find a utility knife, she mentioned to apartment manager while waited in community room for kid to get off bus and voila we discovered we don't even have to replace light bulbs in fixed fixtures. Just when I thought living in apartment couldn't get any softer then homeownership. I am sure there is a light bulb premium in rent but I sort of like not having to deal with the light bulb in trash or disposing of CFLs properly due to mercury.

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Instant Tragedy said...


But I'd love to hear your thoughts on home ownership being harder than apartment in the long run.

I used to live in apartments when I was in college and when I moved out to Lubbock, finally found a house and been living there ever since. With the equity that I have in my home, why would I want to rent when it is a cash sink?

I'd love to hear your thoughts.