Sunday, January 04, 2009

Tard Race 2009

Most of my points have come in super-turbos, since January 1 have gotten 215 in at a slight profit. ChicagoAPA has gotten in 1405 which I can only assume to mean he is a bot or he has a sick prop bet on line. Don't quite know where Recess stands in race but he has gotten in half as many super-turbos I have.
On positive side after 100th chippie you become completely numb to the bad beats. 4 tabling chippies mean you lose a 70/30 to A rag (who called) about once every 15 minutes.
I now understand why Chad issued the rule "If you tell me a bad beat story I will punch you in mouth". I have decided this is a good rule so be warned.


Shrike said...

Mea culpa; need to enforce NY resolution to break filthy habit.

Maybe I should comment on one of YOUR hands when not at table at next blogger gathering as penance. ;)


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

You clearly photoshopped Saturday... What are you, slowplaying?

Instant Tragedy said...

Alan, I mean come on, Bayne is the man...

Unless you are photoshopping YOUR results too :-)

Good Luck Bayne!

Bayne_S said...

I had my live tourney saturday so not a lot of time.

It's not like I skipped Goat's tourney to keep playing Superturbos!!!