Tuesday, January 06, 2009

More Mis-Information (or is it?)

Two hands above are from Superturbos so action is aipf, AK hand I jammed UTG, AA I called from SB. Both plays I think are automatic in SuperTurbo.

Been playing a crazy amount of Superturbos as it is fastest way to accumulate points since it is rare that I want to multitable 5/10 + O8 nor are there usually more than 1 full ring game on FullTilt.

Mookie is tomorrow and IT and Schaub's have another prop bet. I guess I can understand Schaub's picking LJ over me for anything other than to back him up in a bar fight (she's meaner but a little clumsy when drinking).

But on principle.

Rue the Day Schaubs!


Schaubs said...

I didn't pick you because the wager is based on total winnings and you didn't play enough last year to warrant a high draft pick.

Had I talked to you (as IT talked to Surf during the draft - just a coincidence mind you) maybe I would have taken you earlier. I had you in my top 10 overall, IT just snapped you up before I got another pick.

Please tank it. Thanks.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Ghey photoshoppage