Monday, January 19, 2009

Football Wrap Up

The Football Play of the weekend was the blocked Field Goal in this clip.

Officials had a pretty horrific weekend:

1) Blew the 1st half Kickoff call in Phil. v Az. due to ball never hit the Eagles nor did it ever go out of bounds. How is that not reviewable???

2) Hoy mentioned the pass interference on Philadelphia's final 4th down. I know there is some leeway when defender falls down and makes "incidental contact" but really.

3) Pittsburgh's punter still has not been touched, and how can that have been the personal foul variety??? How was Ryan Clark's spear of McGahee (arms crossed tight to body, lead with helmet, hunching head close to body, that is textbook spear) not a personal foul?

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Schaubs said...

You leave good ol' BC boy Mitch Berger alone!