Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nice Season Eagles and Ravens

Sorry Raven's fans and all the Eagle's fans.

My sports betting has been atrocious so you are doomed.

I also have Raven's at 14:1 to win SuperBowl so they may survive only to crush me later.

Have to do a pot odds calculation for work. What size pot am I potentially looking at if company gets acquired vs. what are odds of acquisition vs. how long a period of unemployment can I expect if company goes under. VP that recruited me to move down here made that calculation and left company last week. But he also cut his commute from 60 miles to 15 miles and no longer will have to drive through San Francisco. Luckily my start-up bankroll managment is better than poker's version.

I do have advice for other parent's: It seems like a good idea to have allowed child to learn self defense skills. But as they get bigger it hurts if they reflexively strike you in chest. She came in from shopping and said she was cold and I offered to give her hug to warm but got too close.

1 comment:

Instant Tragedy said...

You violated the "COMFORT Zone" , she'll never be too comfortable with you :-)

Hope you made the right bet.