Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Been Playing the Hammer

I am relatively pleased with My Brute's performance but I wish he would pick up the hammer every fight (and hang onto it).
I was less pleased with my performance in Skillz.
I may have limited experience playing Stud8 and am left with constant feeling that I am so close to having a good Omaha 8/b hand, but there is no fucking reason for me to think I can run over pushmokey and get him to fold in any game. His pair of 6s were ahead on 3rd and 6s up were ahead on 4th. I thought I had folded enough door Aces to achieve split As credibility. Lucko believed (or bricked), thinking push would fold is a major leak.


lj said...

haribo22.mybrute.com PWNS ogre22.mybrute.com

even though you stole my number you whore!

PokahDave said...

DiomeDes1 pwned ogre22....
I still cannot stop haribo22 though....keeps jumping on my back and stealing me weapons!!!!!!!!