Monday, April 06, 2009

Riverchasers/PPI summary

Missed flop with little pp.

Missed flop with little pp.

Missed flop with AK.

Missed flop with AK.

Finally hit a flop with AK, but get rivered when Rakefeeder's QQ rivers a Queen. (We were all in pre-flop and Rake has to go to Iraq so I think I am still running better).

--------- End of Poker Content ------------

Wife has been asking for a bodybugg to monitor her workouts. Apartment gym is nice and convenient but it is lacking when I want to work out the legs or use a bench press.

I traveled 200 yards past Bay 100 to go to 24 Hour Fitness. It is nicer gym than the converted ancient warehouse I used to visit in Petaluma but sadly this one is a "Super Sport" so they want more money. May happen but there are a couple of other locations nearby that should let me use my cheap old membership. But they did have Bodybugg on sale so I bought a couple since I am a techno-geek.

Wife was not home when I returned so I proceeded to load the bugg software on computer and set it up, she managed to return just as I was popping it back in the band to put on my arm.

Conversation that ensued:

Wife: "What is that?"
Bayne: "My Bodybugg"
Wife: "you knew I wanted one and got one for yourself" lots of ranting
Bayne: Tries to interupt futilely
Wife: two more minutes of rant
Bayne: Tries to interupt futilely
Wife: another minute of rant then thankfully she needs to catch breath
Bayne: "Yours is on couch in bag"

Hopefully later we will both be strapped up and be able to tell who puts more effort into nooky.


BamBam said...

Good luck with that experiment!


KenP said...

After that exchange, you will definitely be making the greatest effort...possibly from the couch.


Life -- like poker -- isn't always fair.

reshit said...

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