Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A cameo blog post

My exercise program took a hit last week when I wore a pair of socks that were a little big and managed to get massive blisters on both heels. I tried to drain, bandage and wear 2 pairs of socks but result on Wednesday was a blister within a blister on left heel. Since Wednesday I have only worn shoes the 4 hours I was at a job interview.

Yesterday I got ITM in the $4k KO PLO only to exit with top set against bottom set on flop due to runner runner straight. Hold and I am top 4 stack instead net $1.22. Since I have been running bad at poker I opted to apply what I have learned about Mafia Wars to start a new id and use an optimised strategy

The Don above was created during skillz last week. I bragged to waffles that I had certainly found an exploit.

To quote Waffles:
"due you need to get a job"


lj said...

i have heard you discuss this on occasion and am too scared to start playing. mybrute is already wasting enough of my time.

bayne readers, pls fight me! haribo22.blogspot.com

lj said...

ack, haribo22.mybrute.com

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