Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bankroll Managment when running bad

I woke up at the brink of kickoff.  Went 0 for 6 in Brawl Chippies including a beautiful loss in 3rd one where I jammed KK and was called by A3, AQ and AQ and the case Ace flopped.  This may have made me tilty enough to continue until time and bankroll ran low.

What picture below fails to capture is I had already accumulated 7 bounties in KO.  I was down to a wafflesque $2 after registering for KO.

Another important reminder:  If cell phone has features leading to greater use, (ie camera) odds of daughter losing it increase.  She managed to maintain possession 3 days, back to old phone she hates for her.

1 comment:

KenP said...

looks like you are both getting your fair share of life's lessons...