Thursday, September 11, 2008

An important reminder for fathers

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If batteries lasted forever I would still have a Sprint Q-Phone.  It was a fine flip phone that could take a beating.  The Motorola Star-Tac phone I had was lost in a cab in Las Vegas and I had multiple battery packs for it as it was a very popular phone amongst a few former co-workers and I had collected battery packs when they upgraded.  My Sanyo SCP-7300 had gotten to the point where charge would only last 6 hours (powered up no calls), California made hands free a requirement for drivers and as kid's chauffeur my driving had tripled.

This is a picture of my new phone:

Obvious problem is teenage daughter has Sanyo SCP-7300 which was my wife's phone.  Wife has SCP-3100,  which is also flip phone (but with camera in pink).  Reason daughter has the old beat up phone is she had phone and purse stolen so needed to learn consequences of not being protective of stuff.

Wife and daughter were both all over my case as neither saw the need for me to have the phone with most features (I did not play the who pays the bills card) as to quote them I barely use my cell.  They have obviously overlooked amount of texting done with the serial drunk texter
I was aware there might be an issue and reason I had selected this phone had an even greater problem.  Sprint is currently running a buy 1 get 1 free special on the Rumor.  Net cost is $50 for 2 phones but the hidden land mine for me was due to newness of wife's phone the 2 for 1 special could only be applied to my number and daughter's.

I quickly gauged the situation at home and set a trap for kid, I offered to let her swap phone numbers with her mom so she could have 'pink phone' and secure agreement before wife got too hot and handed wife 2nd Rumor in green.

Daughter feels duped but still benefits with phone upgrade and failed in her effort to take green phone to school this morning.

I should have learned with the Christmas ipod incident that "cool gadgets" should be kept at parity with wife and daughter for household peace but I am a slow learner.

Other fathers need to learn from my example to avoid the stressful decisions on later streets.


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

dude... you never text me back...

GaryC said...

As a fellow "wife and daughter(s)" type guy, I can honestly say that the typical best option is folding pre-flop and not even considering a decision on a later street. That might sound a little "tight" but, you know, that's how I roll.


KenP said...

Gary nails it.

Sometimes it is wise to fold the best hand because the pot just isn't worth it.

Instant Tragedy said...

Its like calling your small blind when your m=3 when you know that the BB will force you to push. -EV definitely. Watch out, those demon daughters have a way of making you lose your hair.

OOPS Tooo Late!

:-) Have a great day!


Riggstad said...

oldest daughter (10) is already positioning for a cell phone. I told her (and wifey) that this is at least 2 years away.

I copied and pasted this post to a word document to be referrenced 2 years from now.

Its titled, "don't open until x-mas"

That's good lookin' out Bayne!