Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Your Quest is Futile

Today the troll's hopes to win Mookie prop bet should finally be crushed!

Daughter was telling me her vocabulary words for week as I chauffeuerd her home. She asked for my help in explaining the difference between empathy and sympathy. I thought my answer was outstanding, "I have sympathy for your pain as you go through your period but mommy can have empathy because she also understands what you are going through." Child's response was "you don't have sympathy either (further ranting tuned out)" Another vocabulary word for the week is democrat. Although we live in Northern California I felt the need to ask "Was republican a vocabulary word this week?" Answer as suspected was "no".

I discovered my lame check request from Bodog did not take as they "did not have address documentation". Decided I will join Chad on his Degenerate Gambler challenge during regular season.

Before the layoffs I had placed a $30 bet on the Rams to win NFC @ 30:1, and $70 on Rams to win Super Bowl @75:1. These were part of a hedge plan discussed with my sports betting sensei and I will merely require Rams to make playoffs to turn profit.

I have also followed Chad's lead this week and will win $20 each on Dallas under, Giants and Lions. I also placed a small parlay bet on all 3. I will be profitable at 2/3 correct. Bets are placed and I have most doubt about the under, Chad is correct that execution is generally poor the 1st week of season but defensive breakdowns lead to points, offensive breakdowns lead to turnovers which also lead to points.


lj said...

gooooo giants! lol at your vocab sentence.

Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

geez, why not call this post...

"I blow Chad"

Chad C said...

Eric, I really like that title, more people should use it in their blogs IMO.

Bayne, I bet the RedSkins +4 FYI, not the NYG aka: The Worst Team to Ever Win the Super Bowl. Trust me though, you are better off with the Giants :) The more I think about it, the more I hate WASH.... I am going with first instincts this season though, no second guessing, bet with the gut. Gut tells me NYG will go back to blowing cocks this year.

KenP said...

Back in the days when we could play on any site we wanted to, I threw a bit on Bodog. I didn't care for the software and tried to cash. They really made me jump through hoops. I had to fax them a copy of my driver's license, a major bill or bank statement showing I lived where I said. There was a third piece I had to send but don't recall exactly what it was. They sure didn't have as stringent requirements when I deposited.

I didn't play at the site for a long time. Necessity sent me back. Not a huge recommendation.

I wish you (and me) luck in cashing. The stud dried up there to the point I didn't see a reason to leave the bit I had there.

Bayne_S said...

Reread the Chad post 3 times to determine that Skins were actually pick.

One of us wins 1st bet of season tonight.