Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baseball Playoff Time

Met up with LJ and Lucko for SF Giants home finale, they claimed to be in town as birthday present but coincidentally this weekend was the culmination of the Folsom Street Fair (leatherweek) NSFW.  We met up at local bar so we could watch morning football games and the historic last game at Shea (and Mets elimination from playoffs SSDY).  

Good aspect of wife meeting LJ is I no longer seem obsessive about fantasy football.

Pathetically this was also 1st trip for family and I to see baseball game at AT&T park.  In my defense Red Sox don't visit.  I was disappointed that Manny took day off (what a surprise) so no opportunity to berate with my best boston accent.  Wife and daughter were troopers as neither really likes baseball but promise of taking them to The Stinking Rose kept daughter well behaved.  We will all reek of garlic for about 3 days as we went with traditional Garlic roasted in EVOO and butter with hint of anchovies appetizer.

The trip home was painful as route I am used to taking from North Beach to 101 was blocked for Folsom Street Festivities.  I was able to endure the traffic, the many leather clad people walking on the adjacent sidewalks until we passed a bear bar that was overflowing.  Daughter spotted a hairy man with large belly wearing short leather shorts and suspenders and said "Does that fat man think wearing those shorts and showing his belly think it will help him have S E X" (yes she spelled out sex).  I did not need that image in my head while driving so told daughter "Mommy will explain that to you after I am dead".  Evil daughter laughed and kept pushing my buttons but thankfully wife got her to stop tormenting me.

Edit: The car this morning had overwhelming garlic aroma and I had to drive with windows down.  I love The STinking Rose but may have to get rental next time.


lucko said...

i am quitting this blog unless the folsom street fair reference is taken down immediately.

waffles' second biggest fan

Instant Tragedy said...

Don't let the terrorists get to you Bayne...

That's what the Evil Daughter is for.

BTW my daughter asked me about the last time I had sex with my ex.

"Is that when Ryan came along"