Monday, September 29, 2008

Latest Prop Bet

After watching above and realized Sarah Palin created the parody run by SNL I realized what new prop bet with Waffles had to be.

Bayne: you give me 2:1 odds and I will wager Palin is not McCain's running mate by Novemeber
sirfwalgman: wow thats an interesting bet
sirfwalgman: What date is the election?
Bayne: I think it is November 4th
sirfwalgman: 25 bucks
Bayne: I put up $25 to win $50?
sirfwalgman: only 25 because I think this is a total 50/50 proposition
sirfwalgman: oh
sirfwalgman: no
sirfwalgman: you put up 12.50 to win 25 lol
Bayne: okay
Bayne: $12.50 to win $25
sirfwalgman: lol
sirfwalgman: yeah
Bayne: it's a wager
sirfwalgman: ok
sirfwalgman: I think personally
sirfwalgman: it would be too embaressing for him to do that this late
sirfwalgman: even if she is a total wreck
sirfwalgman: but I could be wrong
Bayne: I think his will to win > risk of embarassment and he wanted Lieberman for VP anyway
sirfwalgman: she went from being a HUGE asset to being a joke
sirfwalgman: the Democrats must love this

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Riggstad said...

Interesting thought, but after the debates on Thursday, switching out VP candidates would be suicide.

But who knows what the hell she is going to say or do during those debates.

The Dems should have Biden jump all over her, but I can almost guarantee they will go soft. This is their issue. They need to play hardball. I think they worry about perception costing them too much, when it is exactly what is needed.

Picture Biden giggling and looking dumbfounded at the moderator after one of her answers as if to say, "Do I really need to offer a rebutal here?"