Friday, September 05, 2008

Communication is Key

This morning I was prepared to begin chauffeur duties well ahead of schedule so opted to check email.  All of a sudden teenage daughter is screaming at my wife and wife is getting louder as well as they argue.  Apparently one of teachers was going to do a "supply check" and daughter could not find a ruler.

to paraphrase argument:
1. Daughter "I told you I needed ruler"
2. Wife "you did not"
3. Go to step 1

I believe I managed to intervene with "why don't we go to school early today" about 15 iterations into above.  I think they will make up this afternoon after school.  

In car daughter was trying to convince me she told her (daughter and I both have tendency to not like to repeat self say something once and have it register).  This is made worse as wife and daughter both have tendency to forget anything that is trivial or deemed stupid.  I have found introducing profanity ("I was fucking serious about") gets around wife's trivial filter but would not be right to teach this technique to daughter.

Daughter and I stopped at grocery store on way to school and got ruler so that de-stressed her a little .  I also asked if she had reminded her mother about ruler while they were in that very store yesterday afternoon (she had not) to take some of blame from the wife.

I think they will make up this afternoon after school. 

My misread of Chad's football bets has left me +$20 on year, I might as well post now as this is probably high water mark.

COngrats to Evy on her big score at Borgata!


StB said...

A "supply check"??? Really???

OhCaptain said...

You inspire me with your skills at dealing with the women in your house. I find living with 3 challenging. In a few short years, 2 will become teenagers. If you want, I'll share the blue prints for my "Man's Loft" above the garage. I believe retinal scanners will be required for entry and yes, the plans include a urinal.

Bayne_S said...

Teachers in Northern California can't afford to buy house so they torment students (and their parents) as much as they can get away with.