Friday, September 12, 2008

Goverment at it's finest

In August wife's doctor sent forms to DMV as requested due the 22nd.  On Sept 12 wife recieved a letter from DMV informing her effective Sept 15 her driving privelege's were suspended due to seizure condition.

Paperwork did inform that if there is no re-occurence and doctor is willing to vouch that medication will continue to prevent (as was already stated in original paperwork) suspension can be lifted. There is also a requirment that 90 days have elapsed since condition was contained.

My reaction is I am off the hook for driving my wife around this weekend!  The goverment in it's wisdom has decided that although she is "unfit to drive for medical reasons" the condition does not apply yet.

Means I should be free to play Saturday's with DrP.

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