Monday, September 01, 2008

Draft Results

Labor Day Weekend means Fantasy Football Drafts. Three are complete, two to go.

Keepers were Westbrook, Calvin Johnson and Michael Turner. It is 10 team league that starts TWO quarterbacks last year I took the approach that I would take 3 mediocre quarterbacks and shuffle them depending on matchups except for bye weeks. Last year I drafted Trent Green, Jake Delhomme and 3rd QB also injured by week 3.
This year I have 4 QBs (3 with week 7 bye doh) and too many young players. But expect team to do better regardless as last year's injuries made competing impossible.

1 other team in league has any FFL experience beyond last season. Last year team that drafted Tomlinson, Moss and Brady was tearing up league 8-2 (2 losses to moi)
he made some bogus trade week 10 where he and another team were providing 1 week loaner to cover bye weeks. I was so pissed over this I convinced him to trade Brady and RB for Hasselbeck and Bush. "Weather in New England will turn and Hasselbeck always improves 2nd half" was clincher.
I took kid to orthodontist and ended up with this roster from draft autopick of yahoo default rankings. Still anticipaye making playoffs.

MiamiDon invited me into this league last season. Got 1st pick which means Tomlinson and pray at RB. Romo being available at pick 20 forces me to deal with being a Romosexual this season. WR are decent but one of my pupu platter running backs need to emerge.


Poker Brian said...

pick up Rudi Johnson if you can in the yahoo league.

He may still be out in the waivers or Chris Perry/Kenny Watson.

Anonymous said...

I like that second team. First team should be ok other than week 7.