Monday, September 08, 2008

Sunday's on Pokerstars

Step 4:
I reraised KK, SB called off 1/3 of stack pre with 66, initial raiser called off 1/4 of stack pre with 99.
678 flop they both got all in K turn, T river.

4 WCOOP sats
33 jams I call with KK, 3 on flop, IGHN.

KJo jams I call with QQ.  Q and 2 baby flop, turn 9 river T, IGHN.

I raise pre, 55 jams, I have KK and call, 5 on river IGHN.

Near bubble of supersat to $320 ME sat A8o minraises, I jam TT, dude getting 3:2 on money calls and flops 2p, turns Aces over boat river is worthless T.  I suppose he had to call as I might make move with lesser A (it is Sunday on Stars).

$200k, I raise pre with 77, AQ calls and goes Broadway on river.

I make appropriate response.

Dear bayne_s  You have requested to partake in PokerStars Responsible Gaming  Self-Exclusion. Your exclusion period will start once you exit all  tables.  Your ability to make deposits and participate in any PokerStars  gaming activity has now been closed for 1 days. You will be able to  regain access after 2008/09/08 16:23 ET.  During this period of exclusion you will be able to login and perform  all normal functions except participate in games, make deposits or  use transfer of funds. It's also important to note that PokerStars is  unable to reverse Self Exclusions within the specified time. If you  have questions about the self-exclusion program, please send them to  If you are registered for any online tournaments during your  exclusion period, you will be unregistered, and your buy-in will be  refunded.  Any other funds remaining in your account will remain  there until such time you decide to cashout. Those funds will be  available to you if you choose to play at the end of your exclusion  period.  In case you are interested, we are providing two links of  organizations that offer free counseling and advice on responsible  and problem gaming: and  Regards PokerStars Responsible Gaming Team
So kind of them to suggest counseling AFTER an opt out.  I could have just shut down but somehow felt opting out sent a statement that I was not pleased with how poorly the laws of probability had held on Stars for the day.

Gawd I want play to always be that bad on Sundays.  No one seems to fold Ace rag or any pp preflop. I just want to have some hands hold up.


Eric a.k.a. Bone Daddy said...

"somehow felt opting out sent a statement that I was not pleased with how poorly the laws of probability had held on Stars for the day"

Like anyone in Malayalee gives a rat's ass.

Fuel55 said...

FAWK THE MAN!!!!!!!1