Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goals for 2009

1. Bluff LJ once out of a big pot. Lucko has already figured out that this is a ploy to keep LJ paying off monster hands but I think this year the bluff will happen.

2. Have a positive ROI in MTT on FullTilt AND PokerStars.

I was shocked to discover I had $123K in tourney cashes this year. Not so shocked that I had spent a little more than 123k in buyins to achieve this when looking at balances.

My biggest cash of the year doesn't even show up on stars because it occurred by winning a step 6 WCOOP Main Event seat. August 17th I won a step at all 6 levels turning $7.50 in 5200 $W.

This year I want profitable on both.

3. Do not go bust trying to clear IronMan bonus before the points dork.

4. Try to play within bankroll managment guidelines.

5. Win a BBT qualifying tourney.

6. Spend more time with wife and family, this summer's jolt was a reminder of what's important. But was also an eye-opener of what a warm and supportive community I have joined online.

7. Remind Recess he is a dork whenever he starts to forget.


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

You forgot to add "be a king of pricks." Oh wait. Mission accomplished.

Fuel55 said...

Point 7 is all that really matters.

DrawFlush said...


What software are you using in those screenshots to track your stats?

New site up to check out, hope to keep the posts coming ( and the success ) its

lj said...

i just realized i was angle shot. :( and also how little i post compared to you.