Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Teenage daughter woke us up at a reasonable 8:15 to open presents. There were no ugly incidents this year. The gift I chose for daughter was ipod docking station speakers. Kid's reaction was "I'll keep in closet because I have a CD player." Learned despite kid ripping all her CDs into itunes she only has 2 CDs loaded into ipod.

Wife 'liked" her gift "but chain of necklace was too short" being male should I know more than choker or necklace?

Now we move to 2nd phase of Christmas celebration which is phone calls to east coast relatives. The 3 of us are approaching 10th anniversary of move to California. Kid is truly a Californian now so don't think we could move for another 5 years without repercussions.

Stage 3 is watching Hoops, eating and eggnog.

A PC Happy Holidays to those not celebrating Christmas.

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lj said...

merry xmas!!!!