Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Latest Prop Bet

After seeing the deluded one's post I immediately saw an opening to goad the World's Worst Prop Bettor (WWPB) into a wager. If WWPB takes over top spot on the Mookie, Bodog, Skillz or NYRPS by the end of year.

My analysis of chances.
Bodog ZERO
Skillz ZERO
NYRPS ZERO (Game is PLO next week too bwahahaha)
Mookie 5% since LJ has assumed Mookie ownership.

From Nadia's email:

On Tuesday December 9th, there will be a T$109 bounty on the head of Iggy, The Blogfather of Poker, and on Thursday December 11th, there will also be a T$109 bounty on the head of Smokkee, the Bodog blogger tournament series host and the ONLY poker blogger to successfully seize his own bounty!Both T$109 bounties are to play in Bodog's $100,000 Guaranteed Poker Tournament that occurs each Sunday at 4pm. With one of the biggest overlays in the industry, the value of this tournament is literally unbeatable. Whatever your skill set as a poker player, it's a perfect chance to win a fat cash payout.Tournament news, recaps and details are available at the official tournament series site at bodogbloggertournament.comYou don't want to miss these tournaments! Download Bodog poker and register for this series today! May the luckiest poker bloggers take the T$109 bounties!
The Bodog Poker Blogger

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lj said...

i'm just glad you guys settled which mookies are eligible. i will do my best to stop waffles.