Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My week in the $4k

Monday - flop 3 p + flush draw, bet pot, 3rd flush draw repots, AA82 initial raiser calls turn Ace, I river losing boat.

Tuesday - flop set of Aces, bet 1/2 pot, bottom set repots, I jam for a tiny bit more getting 9:1 on call bottom set rivers quads.

Wednesday - flop middle set against top and bottom pair, it is not the preflop raiser that CR A high flop. I jam he hits river Ace.

2 outs, 1 out, 2 out week so far and I ask waffles for his take:

sirfwalgman: poker is dumb
sirfwalgman: lol
Bayne: can I quote that
sirfwalgman: yeah
sirfwalgman: say "Only idiots like Prison Guard waterboard wannabees define themselves by poker"

Late edit:
Ironically right after I hit publish I eliminated Mookie from the Mookie with a river 2 outer and taunted him before I made pre-flop call with AQ (vs AA).

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