Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Personal Choices

While completing 1st trip of moving luggage to car as we checked out of Harvey's Lake Tahoe this weekend I saw a woman in sweats get off elevator and I thought she had swimsuit straps showing. I got back to room and snapped picture of her swimming. Pool deck still has snow accumulations because it was 26 degrees out. Desk clerk told me at check out that they heat the water to 85 degrees. I have got to think that it is an invigorating sprint to get out of pool, get to towel and get inside. There is also a hot tub in picture heated to 105, I love a good soak expecially after skiing (when I did ski) but that did not seem inviting either.
I chose to quit playing poker on AbsolutePoker in late 2006 because they rarely had a good Omaha table. I told UltimateBet they had to give me rakeback or I would take my business elsewhere about the same timeframe. I set a deadline and transferred all my AP money to UB and got busted by DaveBreal playing $2/$4 PLO8 as I decided that I was going to cash out for $1000+ or nothing. He hit one of his 4 scoop outs to bust me, but it was top set + nut or 2nd low vs. nut low + wheel wrap + flush draw.
I subsequently have played on sites when they have given me $10 or $25 to come back but doubt I will make a deposit again. It is my choice and really FullTilt has been best site for me anyway.
Chad and Hoy and others (no link for you as I will not be outing you to the moral outrage of others) have decided they like UBs tourney structure enough that it outweighs the risk that UB will cheat them out of bankrolls. Poker is a game of risk/reward, they are adults and able to form their own decision.
Mondogarage has a post up outlining an opposing view. I know that going to WMD/Iraq/Saddam references is reflexive for the nanny state liberals. "Bush is evil" is 2000s version of 1950s comparisons to Hitler. It is intellectually lazy and I find it particularly annoying when used in Chad attack. Lightning had an awesome comment using Animal House reference in his response to Mondo.
The final paragraph:
"But if you're okay playing on a site known to cheat, then you may be equally okay with playing in a tournament while girly chatting with someone else at your table during the tournament? Then you might just be okay with "just this once" IMing about a hand while its in progress? It's a slippery slope, is all I'm saying."
Is quite a leap. If you have ever met Chad or Hoy or spent any time with them I doubt you would think they are capable of cheating. However it is reasonable to think of them as arrogant assholes.


Mondogarage said...

I should say that I do not think for one moment (and have never thought) that Chad and Hoy cheat while playing poker, just so that's clear.

And I still don't think invoking the Bush administration lying to the UN as a basis where someone may think that was justified was wrong. I could have reached back to something like having the opinion that it was okay for J. Edgar Hoover to illegally wiretap Americans because they may have held different political beliefs, but I chose to use a more recent analogy, is all.

Maybe it was intellectually lazy to the extent that I could have come up with something not as overly played out, certainly.

But I wasn't insulting Chad's Iraq experience (unless it was Chad who planted false stories about Saddam buying yellowcake...)

Have a safe any happy holiday.

StB said...

Yep, claiming "lies" still though it has been proven to have been bad info. Furthermore to talk about wiretaps that weren't proven to be illegal and actually approved by high level Dems, but let's ignore that to get on our high and might throne. Great work Mondo. Maybe you should stick to Kos or Huffpo