Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Software and Poker

As an Omatard I have not seen a need to use poker software. Knowing if someone only raises AAxx or KKxx hands and who is willing to go broke flopping bottom set or go to felt with non-nut flush is enough information to make PLO quite lucrative.

I have decided to make a foray into NLHE cash again because to play PLO cash anymore requires me to play sporadically full ring or 6 Max which is much higher variance. Reading hand histories from the spiritpot crew, recess, bone and gnome are constantly starting with lines like "villain is a donk, 40/11 over 55 hands" or villain is Tag, 15/10".

I have received recomendations weighing merits of Poker Track 3 vs. Hold'em manager, suggestions for hot key utilites and SNG signup utilities from Chad and a myriad of other functions such as hand history displays and bankroll managment software. http://www.pokersoftware.com/ is an affiliate site (that pokerXfactor's 'Fox' seems involved with) that offers reviews of many poker software titles categorised by type and if you sign up for a poker site through them you can get software 'free' through pokersoftware.com. I will apparently have to wait for a new room or try carbon poker out as I already have an account with every other site.

The Omaha Indicator looks intriguing to try as Omaha does not draw nearly the tool development as Hold'em but would like to see what it's odds calculator tells me as I play and the "You have the Nutz" indication may come in handy on occaison when wife/kid are providing distractions. Problem would be any software that alerts you that "YOU HAVE THE NUTS!" would violate the one player/hand standard and be cheating while Stars and Tilt have included TOS caveats that Hold'em Manager and PT3 data gathering from tables you occupy is not cheating.

StatikKling also seems to have written a poker application that Combines multiple Full Tilt Tourney files into a single file that looks interseting when loading tourney into PokerTracker or a hand replayer.

PokerSoftware.com also has reviews of various SNG/ICM trainers, boards to discuss poker software and many more categories for all of us to explore as we try to improve poker games.

They may even have something that can help the Worlds Worst Poker Player!

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